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NUX Electronic Drum Kit - Digital Drum DM-210
NUX Electronic Drum Kit - Digital Drum DM-210

  • Customizable Mesh Drum Pads: The NuX DM-210 drum set features all mesh drum pads, allowing you to easily customize the perfect feel for drumming style by adjusting the tightness of the mesh heads
  • Realistic Independent Kick Drum: The DM-210 comes with an independent kick drum that is specially designed to provide a realistic drumming experience
  • Space-Saving Design: With its compact size, the DM-210 drum set requires only 1.5 square meters of space, making it easy to place anywhere you want
  • Diverse Sound Library: The DM-210 offers a wide range of sounds to suit different music styles and the drum set's sound library is designed to fulfill your music needs
  • Coach, Recording, and Songs: The DM-210 includes a coach function to help beginners train their basic drumming skills and allows to play along with demo songs
  • 8" Tom x3, 10" Snare x1, 12" Hi-hat x1, 12" Crash x2, 14" Ride x1, Hi-hat control x1, Kick x1, Kick pedal x1, DM-7X Module x1
  • Metronome, Coach, Tempo Rate, Volume, EFX
  • MIDI Data through USB Port
  • Headphone, Output, Power In, USB Midi, AUX In, Crash2 Trigger-in
  • All Mesh Drum Heads

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