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Hosco Fret Puller - Luthier Tools
Hosco Fret Puller - Luthier Tools

  • More precision work: TL-TC5 with narrower blades can fit the radius of the fingerboard more tightly.
  • Better handling at narrow spaces: TL-TC5 can be handled more easily on a higher fret position.
  • Reducing wood chip out: Both TL-TC5 and TL-TC10 may have fewer wood chips than common pullers.
  • L-TC5 has a flattened blade.
  • Not suitable to cut the wires but good for just pulling out the frets from fingerboard.
  • Material: Carbon Steel (S58C)
  • HRC: 42~47
  • Blade width: 5.0mm
  • Length: 140mm
  • More precision work

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