PRODIPE Pro 5 V3 – 5 inch Active Studio Monitor Speakers – Pair

PRODIPE Pro 5 V3 – 5 inch Active Studio Monitor Speakers – Pair

Bi-amplified pro audio studio monitors, 50 + 25 Watt RMS, new fibreglass cone woofers, new neodymium dome tweeters and new electronics for extra performance, dynamism and presence.

Coupled with the PRO 10S V3 subwoofer, the Prodipe Pro5 V3 offers you studio listening at a lower cost.

David Blumberg’s opinionComposer, arranger, producer • USA

“I have both the and speakers, the  SubwooferPro 880 headphone

I LOVE the sound quality I am getting from all of them.

The quality has been quite outstanding. In comparison with other microphones or speakers, Prodipe competes quite nicely. I would recommend considering a purchase of either speaker system, headphones or microphones to anyone serious about the quality of music they are making.

I also have been very impressed with the quality of Prodipe products and its reasonable price

The budget savings must be used for the promotion of artists.”


Gary Atkins’s opinionComposer, guitarist, pianist and teacher  • Canada

“Prodipe monitors and microphones give me the sound I have been looking for.

In my studio I use theProdipe Monitoring packPro 10S Pro 8Pro 5 

As Technology Co-ordinator of the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto), I use the same monitoring system and mics (). At the Conservatory we record everything from solo performances to full orchestras and our Prodipe mics are part of the tools we use to consistently deliver quality recordings.

I love the sound that I get for live situations using the . For recording that sweet, 


Damon Sawyer’s opinionSound engineer, producer and drummer • Royaume Uni

“Having been a gear snob for some time now I’m amazed at the high quality of prodipe products.The vast range of products is extremely appealing covering studio monitors, headphones, microphones, midi interfaces and drums.

Quite simply you can’t afford not to put these products on your wish list


Patrice Küng’s opinionSound engineer • France

The  and  studio monitors easily do the same job as any other brand, except that other brands can cost over 1,000 euros.”


Michel Françoise’s opinionAuthor, composer and performer • France

“They’re small, but the bass is impressively large and not too ‘wobbly’.

Using these speakers means that I can keep on top of a mix, especially the balance of the instruments, and even more especially, instruments like the bass drum and bass guitars. They’re amplified, and when called on, they give out a decent amount of sound.

All the input sockets are there (RCA, 6.35 Jack (balanced) and XLR) along with a volume control. Put simply, all the advantages of a big name product at a great price. 

They haven’t let me down yet!”

  • The woofer cones are now in fibreglass. Using fibreglass in all our speaker systems means that we have been able to increase performance and dynamism, the frequency response is more linear and the quality of the listening is wonderfully natural.
  • The neodymium dome tweeters create a sound which is absolutely solid and supremely clear, even above 20KHz. This ensures that the quality of the music is exemplary.
  • The transducer magnets are shielded by anodised steel covers.
  • The active filtering has been completely overhauled to ensure that the crossover frequency doesn’t suffer from any accidents or bumps.
  • The casing is made of high density wood to give the sound a high level of consistency and to eliminate any unwanted vibration.
  • Unlike many of the other manufacturers, we made the decision to put the bass reflex port at the front of the monitors to improve the decompression on the bass response.This makes it much easier to find the best position for each speaker.
  • There are ample connectors for an all-round use: XLR/TRS 6.35 Jack for a balanced connection, and Cinch (RCA) for an unbalanced connection.
  • A compact, elegant design with a well-finished exterior.
  • Power: 75 W Bi-amp Dynamic Power
  • Equipment: 1 “tweeter (25 W) and 5” woofer (50 W)
  • Input: XLR / 6.3 mm jack / RCA
  • Frequency range: 55 – 22000 Hz +/- 2.0 dB
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 277 x 180 x 245 mm