Who are we?

Being one of the oldest musical shops in Nepal, Deep Music is a trusted supplier and distributor of musical instruments. Its domain extends to a wide variety of products and services; so, none of the customers would have to return disappointed.

Since 2001, we have been striving to dispense blue-ribbon services to our well-wishers. For that, there is no frontier that could limit our growth in the field of musical gear distribution.

Besides that, we do extensive repairing and maintenance tasks in our store that makes us a handy and comprehensive solution for all kinds of musical hitches.

We’ll be glad to be in your service at any time. Reach us, and we promise to cherish your heart through the melody of our tackles.

How it started?

Back in the early 1930s, a music savant, Bishnu Lal Tandukar, embarked on his journey to music as a repairer of musical instruments- particularly Harmonium and Sitar. Being inspired from his fidelity to musical gears, his son- Shankar Lal Tandukar- inaugurated a musical shop, where he imported high-quality gadgetry from India, so as to render excellent service to its clientele.

But, with the soaring demand of western musical accessories, his son- Deepak Lal Tandukar- began selling the popular branded products from around the globe and, finally, twisted the shop into a brand- ‘Deep Music’- in 2001. This was a giant leap: from a small repair shop to a branded musical-gears distributor. Today, you can find all the latest musical gizmos and accessories at Deep Music.

Plus, this brand has continued its generations of repairing and maintenance work as a trusted and reliable source. Therefore, it is quite obvious to say that Deep Music epitomizes the culmination of musical-hardware in Nepal.